Cinematique Instruments – Mountain Dulcimer (KONTAKT)

Rock dulcimer is a high-quality three-stringed wood-stringed instrument that emits a soft and melodic drone, also known as a bourdon tone. It is well known for its use in Thomas Newman compositions such as American Beauty.
We focused on capturing rock cymbals in various articulations. Mountain cymbals can be played with fingers, but we also played them with a mallet, a stick, and hammers. Besides the five presets, the new Stringed 2022 GI impressively supports the many options available. But in no case should we forget about the soft shimmering strumming.
Although the mountain dulcimer has its origins in the Appalachians of North America, it was at the hands of German, English, Irish and Scottish immigrants that the instrument came to life. The instrument represents the characteristics of many European stringed instruments, especially the German Scheitholt, which is considered the main ancestor of the mountain dulcimer.
Made of wood and traditionally shaped like an hourglass, mountain dulcimer use metal wire strings to create a bright sound that lends itself to delicate playing. Known for their drone or bourdon effect, the mountain dulcimer is considered an authentic piece of American music. However, it has also been modernized and used in different musical genres. Perhaps the most famous example of its contemporary use is the music composed by Thomas Newman for the film American Beauty.

Organic sound
We mainly focused on recording the music in a very realistic and organic way. All major articulations were recorded with a cold condenser in four laps and 2-3 speed layers.
This glissando mode is unique and ideal for the sound of mountain dulcimer.
You can easily play a real tremolo triggered by the modulation wheel when it is activated.
Playing Engine
A very realistic strumming engine that perfectly mimics the velvety and shimmering strumming of mountain cymbals. This is a unique feature with a game speed slider that simulates hand and drone speed.
Lots of articulations
We have recorded many different and unique articulations to give you a wide range of sonic possibilities. Each of them is useful for different musical styles.
Finger: Played only with the finger.
Hammer: played with a piano hammer.
Plec: Played cymbals with a guitar plec. hard sound.
Hammer: Played with a soft mallet.
Unison: Playing strings that are tuned to the same tone at the same time.
Eight Reverb Types
In addition to several different sizes, you get special types such as Infinite and Ghost.
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