Cinematique Instruments – Colors Bundle (KONTAKT)

True sound alchemy. Color your sound!
Colors are a chest full of embints, pads and textures. You can create your own sound from a beautiful set full of distinctive and lovingly chosen original sounds in no time – as simple as mixing colors together in a palette, easily and originally at the same time. The included modulation section adds elusive life or extraordinary mystery, depending on what you need. So, you can draw your own sound!
With a perfect color palette of presets, offering about 40 presets sorted by color only, you’ll have a huge selection of timbres in no time. And as a bonus, you get an 808 bit machine – with both original and processed recorded Roland TR808 samples.
COLORS is a unique tool that opens up the possibility of creating modern pads and textures with a lot of movements and variations. Four layers with useful sound shaping tools combined with a smart modification engine offer almost endless possibilities for creating beautiful, atmospheric, deep and even abstract sounds that will help you add more color to your music. And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, just let COLORS create a random sound for you.
The bundle includes:
Tranquil – creates soft, modern and opium pads and textures for background, ambient, hip-hop or score. There are 51 presets ready to play.
Tensed – immerses in a world of easy waiting, horror, horror and atonal atmosphere. It provides 41
Guitar Pedals presets – Guitar Pedals is an exciting collection of guitar sounds created with our large collection of guitar pedals. And we used them all. Roland vintage tape delays, state-of-the-box glitch stutter sampler, bitcrashers, granulation systems, unhewn overdrives, and a lot of latency. Anyway, it has its own unique sound.

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