Black Salt Audio – Silencer 1.0.1

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Are you tired of dealing with unwanted cymbal and drum bleed in your multi-track drum recordings? Look no further than Black Salt Audio Silencer, the ultimate solution for pristine drum sound isolation. This powerful plugin is designed to elevate your drum kit recordings by effectively removing unwanted spillage from neighboring drums and cymbals.

Power of Silencer

Silencer equips you with four versatile signal isolation modes, each tailored to tackle specific challenges in your drum recordings:

  1. Snare Top: Isolate the top snare drum mic, allowing you to capture the pure essence of the snare sound while minimizing interference from other elements.

  2. Snare Bottom: Focus exclusively on the snare’s bottom mic, ensuring a clean and precise snare sound that stands out in your mix.

  3. Kick Drum: Achieve optimal kick drum isolation, letting you capture the heart-pounding kick sound without unwanted crosstalk.

  4. Toms: Isolate your tom mics effortlessly, allowing you to fine-tune the individual tom sounds for maximum impact.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

Silencer doesn’t stop at pre-defined modes; it empowers you with manual adjustments, giving you precise control over the degree of isolation. Fine-tune your settings to perfection, ensuring that your drum tracks shine with clarity and purity.


Getting started with Silencer is a breeze. Follow the straightforward installation instructions provided in the included “R2R/R2R.txt” file, and you’ll be ready to enhance your drum recordings in no time.

Drum Recordings

Don’t let unwanted cymbal and drum spillage compromise the quality of your drum kit recordings. Download Black Salt Audio Silencer and experience the transformative power of precise drum sound isolation. Give your drums the clarity and definition they deserve, and take your music productions to the next level.


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