Big Fish Audio – House Totality

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House Totality by Big Fish Audio is designed to create commercial hits across many sub-genres of House. From deep to tropical to pop and progressive, House Totality covered the entire floor. These 20 4.7GB building sets are packed to the brim with drums, basses, synth pads, synth leads, guitar solos, all sorts of effects, and more. 

Also included are 100% original vocals recorded by some of the world’s top singers and songwriters who have worked on countless hits for Spinnin’ Records and Ultra Records. These original vocals have then been sliced, distorted, edited and run through the finest external analog tape reverbs and saturations to deliver a truly unique warmth that will take your house tracks to the next level.

All in song format and, as usual, processed with high quality SSL hardware so you can truly make these sounds your own. If you need to get your whole house in motion, check out House Totality.

Acidized WAV:
• 4.70 GB Total Content
• 845 Files


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