[ask.video] iZotope RX 10 Video Manual

iZotope RX 10 is a powerful yet sophisticated audio restoration toolkit. No need to read a great manual… Check out this RX 10 video tutorial from audio expert Joe Albano and learn how to turn your imperfect sound into a pristine recording faster than you can say “RX”!
The industry standard for audio repair continues to get better and better. This versatile spectral processing package is by far the best solution for common audio problems such as low frequency hum, intermittent background noise, sibilance, mouth clicks and more… In this video tutorial, Joe Albano explains that each The module does best in how they work and, most importantly, how you can get the most out of the RX 10!
Joe begins the course with an in-depth look at the standalone RX app, where you’ll learn how to navigate and customize its unique spectrogram view and user interface. He explains how to load RX modules directly into the daw and how to transfer audio back and forth between DAW and RX using the handy RX Connect plugin. Joe then dives into the heart of the RX iZotope with a detailed description and hands-on demonstration of each RX module.
It will show you how to de-clip, de-ploz, de-ess, de-click, de-crack audio in every possible way. You learn to clean up your voice recordings by instantly removing lip smacks, mouth clicks and breath noises. Removing amp hum, finger scraping and loud sounds with Guitar De-Module is next. You’ll also learn how to remove faint hum, wind noise, hum (including the new De-Hum dynamic mode) and how to perform spectral repairs with the standalone app or with the new ARA-compatible Spectral Editor plugin. Using many examples of sound in action, Joe explains exactly how to use the powerful RX modules to surgically fix any sound problem.
And after looking at all the repair tools, Joe covers other processing modules, including EQ Match, Time & Pitch, Loudness, Leveler, the powerful Music Rebalance (which allows you to isolate and rebalance individual elements from a complete mix) and Dialog Contour. You will also learn about the Repair Assistant AI module and plugin, which allows you to automatically analyze and fix audio with the click of a button. Joe concludes the course with a look at the new text transcription feature, which analyzes dialogue and displays the text transcription for easy navigation.
So join expert audio engineer Joe Albano in this comprehensive course and learn everything you need to know about audio restoration with iZotope RX 10!

Section 1 : Introduction
01. Introduction 06:14
02. Interface 04:43
03. RX10 & the DAW 03:59
Section 2 : Audio Repair
04. De-clip 04:18
05. Voice Issues – De-plosive 03:07
06. Voice Issues – De-ess; Breath Control 05:41
07. De-click; mouth de-click; De-crackle; Interpolate 06:30
08. De-rustle; De-wind 06:02
Section 3 : Noise Removal
09. Background Noise – De-hum 03:19
10. Background Noise – Spectral & Voice De-noise 06:18
11. Guitar De-noise 04:47
12. De-bleed 04:50
Section 4 : Spectral Processing
13. Spectral Repair (Operation) 03:50
14. Spectral Repair (Voice) 04:20
15. Spectral Repair (Music) 03:00
16. Deconstruct 04:19
17. Spectral Recovery 03:11
Section 5 : Mix Processing
18. Dialog Isolate 04:37
19. Music Rebalance 07:35
20. De-reverb; Dialog De-reverb 04:54
21. Ambience Match 05:57
22. EQ; EQ Match 04:49
23. Time & Pitch 06:15
Section 6 : Time & Pitch Processing
24. Variable Time & Pitch; Wow & Flutter 04:38
25. Dialog Contour 03:44
Section 7 : Audio Utilities
26. Utility Modules 06:03
27. Channel Ops 05:06
28. Composite View 04:42
29. Repair Assistant 03:36
30. Repair Assistant Plug-in 02:27
31. Text Navigation 03:24
Section 8 : Wrap-up
32. Wrap-up 02:14
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