Ask Video – Audio Concepts 106 – Audio and MIDI Signal Flow

Signal flow is what you need to know in order to understand ANYTHING about AUDIO. Designed for musicians, engineers, and producers, this Joe Albano Audio Concepts course teaches you all about the “inputs and outputs” of audio and MIDI streaming. Watch those now!
Whether you are working at a console table in a large studio or with a virtual mixer on your workstation, it is very important to have a clear understanding of audio routing and signal flow. Written by audio engineer Joe Albano, this course covers everything from connecting a hardware studio to streaming audio and MIDI signals to a DAW.

Description : Signal flow is essential knowledge to understand ANYTHING about AUDIO. This Audio Concepts course by Joe Albano, designed for musicians, engineers and producers, teaches you everything about the “ins and outs” of audio and MIDI signal flow. Watch it now!
Whether you’re working with a console desk in a large studio or with a virtual mixer in your DAW, it’s very important to have a solid understanding of audio routing and signal flow. This course, by audio engineer Joe Albano covers everything from hardware studio hookup to audio and MIDI signal flow in a DAW.

Section 1: Introduction
1. Introduction (2:29)
2. Basic Studio Connections (4:36)
Section 2: Studio Connections
3. Studio Connections – Input Types (4:08)
4. Console Signal Flow (7:04)
5. The Patchbay (5:19)
Section 3: DAW; Virtual Mixer
6. The DAW Studio; Interface (6:43)
7. DAW Channel Strips (4:48)
8. DAW Mixer – Signal Flow & Processor Order (7:12)
Section 4: Aux Sends
9. Aux Sends – Pre & Post Fader (4:17)
10. Aux Send Applications – Cue Mix (5:34)
11. Aux Send Applications – Send & Return (7:59)
Section 5: Grouping & I / O
12. Audio Subgroups (4:48)
13. Integrating Digital & Analog (3:47)
Section 6: MIDI Signal Flow
14. MIDI Signal Flow; Instrument Tracks (4:33)
15. Hardware MIDI Instruments (4:47)
Section 7: Wrap-Up
16. Wrap-up (1:40)
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