Arturia – Rev LX-24 v1.0.0.1337

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The Rev LX-24 is a virtual reverb plugin designed to replicate the retro ambient reverb sound that was iconic in a bygone era of music production. It brings that classic and vintage reverb quality to your mixes, adding space, depth, and a subtle sparkle to your audio.

Here are some of its main features and characteristics:

Space in a Box: Rev LX-24 is known for delivering the rich, lush reverb sound that has been cherished by musicians and producers for generations. It provides the space, ambiance, and texture you need to make your mixes shine and stand out.

Choose Your Workflow: While the plugin faithfully emulates the original’s digital architecture, it also offers advanced features that enhance usability and flexibility within modern DAW workflows.

Eternal Reverb: Rev LX-24 offers clarity, warmth, and a smooth decay in its reverb, giving you a distinct sonic character that is perfect for a wide range of musical genres and applications.

A Closer Look: The main and extended panels of the plugin provide all the controls you need to shape the reverb’s sound to your liking. You can customize its parameters to achieve everything from traditional reverb to unique and experimental sonic textures.

Preset Library: The plugin comes with a preset library featuring 100 classic and basic reverb presets tailored for various sources such as vocals, drums, synths, and more. These presets offer a wide range of abstract atmospheres and ever-changing spaces.

Historical Context: The plugin pays homage to the historical evolution of reverb technology, highlighting the shift from physical reverb devices like spring tanks and plate reverbs to the digital innovations of the 1970s.


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