Arturia – Pre TridA v1.6.0+Pre V76 v1.6.0+Pre 1973 v1.6.0 MacOS

Pre TridA
A rare preamplifier with a valuable musical equalizer. One of the most sought after exclusive channel strips ever created has been reborn for your DAW. Get full control over the tone of your channels with a versatile plug-in destined to become one of your favorite options.
Pre V76 The ultimate
vintage tube preamp. If you want to explore the sound of 60s pop music, this plugin is for you. By combining the precisely emulated V612 EQ and V76 preamp in one unit, you can enjoy this legendary sound in your virtual studio. From its introduction on the air to its use on some of the best-selling and enduring records of all time, the V76 has played a key supporting role in the history of pop music.
Arturia Pre 1973
The iconic British preamp sound of the 70’s… The sound of the best studios in the world, perfectly recreated for the modern producer. Color your tone, saturate your signal or give everything a subtle vintage sound. The perfect way to warm up a digital signal. For years, top producers have coveted the sound of the venerable 1073 preamps. Now, thanks to TAE Arturia’s powerful advanced modeling, you too can get a taste of that harmoniously rich classic tone in your DAW.
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Pre TridA v1.6.0.4061 MORIA 12/13/2022
Pre V76 v1.6.0.4061 MORIA 12/13/2022
Pre 1973 v1.6.0.4061 MORiA 12/13/2022
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