Arturia – Pigments v4.1.1 (3513)

Pigments is a cutting-edge software tool that takes the art of synthesis to new heights. With its vibrant sound engines, intuitive modulation capabilities, professional utilities, and a plethora of studio-quality FX, Pigments invites you to explore an expansive world of sound. Dive into the heart of complex synthesis, experiment with multiple synthesis types, and shape your sonic creations with ease.

Discover Pigments’ Key Features:

1. Complex Synthesis Made Accessible:

  • For sound designers, producers, and musicians alike, Pigments simplifies complex sound creation.
  • All the tools you need are just a click away, making sound design an accessible and enjoyable experience.
  • Explore and customize every intricate detail of your sounds effortlessly.

2. Four Powerful Synthesis Engines:

  • Pigments offers control over four robust sound engine types: Wavetable, Virtual Analog, Sample & Granular, and Harmonic.
  • Combine any pair of these engines, add the optional Utility oscillator and sampled noise, and unlock an almost infinite palette of synthesis possibilities.
  • Whether you seek vintage warmth or futuristic textures, Pigments delivers.

3. Intuitive Modulation and Sound Shaping:

  • Free your creativity by reshaping and elevating your sound until it’s uniquely yours, all with instant drag-and-drop modulation.
  • There are no limits to altering your patches, thanks to dozens of modulation sources and an endless array of destination combinations, all at your fingertips.

4. Musical Sequencing and Arpeggiation:

  • Pigments doesn’t just generate exceptional synth sounds; it creates music.
  • Craft beautiful melodies, construct evolving modulations, and infuse life into your sound using a simple yet potent sequencing and arpeggiation engine.
  • Watch your sound come alive with movement and depth.

5. Color Your Sound with Studio FX:

  • Elevate your patches with the finishing touches or launch them into sonic orbit with Pigments’ extensive filtering and FX options.
  • Mix and match dual filters in classic and modern modes, infusing your sound with a kaleidoscope of colors through studio FX like Shimmer Reverb and Bitcrusher.

6. Tailor Your View for Focused Creativity:

  • Pigments offers various layout options to match your creative process.
  • The clean Synth tab provides in-depth sound control, while Play Mode simplifies operation.
  • Opt for Light Mode for a high-contrast look that keeps you in the creative zone.

7. Flexible Audio Routing for Experimental Soundscapes:

  • Exercise full control over how Voices, Modulations, Filters, and FX in Pigments interact with one another.
  • Choose from various audio routing options, send different engines to different filters, switch between serial and parallel routing, or create unique audio manipulations to push the boundaries of experimentation.
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