Arturia – Mini V v3.11.0 Mac

Arguably the most famous monosynth of all time, remastered in software by Arturia emulation experts under the direction of Robert Moog himself, this is the definitive virtual version of the 70s icon, complete with powerful additional features.
Mini’s timeless and iconic sound works with any musical style – and there’s no better way to honor it than our True Analog Emulation®. Even the best samples simply don’t duplicate the wow-factor behavior of vintage analog circuitry, turning pure voltage into sound. The Mini V was developed in collaboration with the creators of the original for a magical musical experience that is as in demand now as it was when it first appeared in the 70s.

Release notes v3.11.0:
Release notes:
November, 4 2022 | v3.11.0
New features:
Included visually impaired accessibility across all V Collection instruments
New sound design tutorials for selected V Collection 9 instruments
MiniLab 3 compatibility with all V Collection instruments
Improvements to playlists and preset browser
Bug fixes:
No more tag issues after updates
Improved loading times for our sampled instruments
Correct presets appear in the playlist after reload
No more browsing issues in NKS software after changing preset from Arturia\’s preset browser
All instrument now recall their previous UI size
Added polyphony voice count to the bottom toolbar on selected instruments
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