Arturia – Emulator II V v1.4.1

Texture Sample Ensemble :
Emulator II V is the perfect set of tools for low sampling A file that combines the old-school digital grain you love with the cutting-edge creative flexibility you need.
The Emulator II V is a multi-timbral sampler that brings E-Mu Systems’ original digital workhorse back to life in all its nostalgic glory – with a sleek modern twist.
Its unique combination of high quality 8-bit sound, warm analog filter and instantly recognizable sample library is sure to spark instant creativity just like the original did. If you want lo-fi graininess, 80s glitter, or a stream of samples that stands out from the crowd, look no further.

Main characteristics
Digital Goes Lo-Fi :
Part sampler, part synth, the Emulator II V combines 8-bit digital crunch with warm analog filters for a distinctly lo-fi sound that instantly adds character to any mix.
80’s sound :
-If you’ve heard Depeche Mode, New Order, Genesis, John Carpenter or anyone else from the 80’s and 90’s, you’ve heard the sound of the Emulator – now it’s in your hands.
Not your usual emulation :
-Using our exclusive TAE® technology, every circuitry and every function of this classic instrument has been carefully redesigned to sound and behave just like the original.
Sounds you know :
-Some of the most iconic popular music sounds are taken from the original emulator libraries; Emulator II V combines them with a fresh and dynamic sample pack for your mixes.
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