Arturia – Dist COLDFIRE v1.0.0.4100


Dist COLDFIRE is a dual-engine distortion effect that goes from rich tube saturation to rampant sonic destruction in a few clicks. Combine analog and digital algorithms with deep modulation and tuning, and open up almost endless distortion possibilities for your sound.

To create is to destroy –
Twist the simplest groove into a knotted web of crushed resonance; Bring your instruments, vocals and loops to life with the folded analog drive; turn your synth drone into glitchy, slightly crushed chaos that dances to your beat.
Dist COLDFIRE allows you to use not one but two powerful distortion engines, exploring their unique and explosive synergy and creating completely new sounds with any input signal. This is an unprecedented level of sonic alchemy that you can master and manipulate – what will you create?
Fully customizable distortion –
This is not a normal on/off, dry/wet, analog/digital distortion. Connect any of the 11 types of distortion, from emulated tube heat to icy digital beat crush, tweak your routing, add some modulation and create a sonic slaughterhouse that’s exactly what you want.
More than crunch –
Create resonant metal melodies, add artificial harmonic reflections, run wildly destructive feedback loops; Go beyond the usual distortion with 6 customizable modulation slots, a 16-step sequencer, comb filtering and more. For any
Enrich, saturate, grind or transform any sound beyond recognition. Whether you’re looking for a warm vocal boost, a monster kick kick, a loudspeaker-thumping bass fuzz, or a wave tighter than a black hole, Dist COLDFIRE has it all.
Intuitive yet powerful –
Simple enough to create breathtaking double distortion effects with just a few clicks, yet flexible enough to fully immerse yourself in disruptive sound design, Dist COLDFIRE strikes a balance between a fast plug-in and a powerful processor.
Preset Library –
For those times when you need to quickly turn on analog heat or wreck your sound with sub-zero digital wreckage, Dist COLDFIRE comes with over 150 specialized presets. From mix enhancers to wild modulated chaos, you’ll find your flavor of distortion in seconds.
How to Install – [Mac]
Apply patch .command
How to run .command?
Option 1 :
1. Open a terminal
2. Type “sh[space]” or “sudo sh[space]”
3. Drag the .command to the terminal and press Enter.
for example. sh /Users/admin/Desktop/Arturia\ Instruments/Arp\ 2600\ V3.command
Option 2 :
1. Open terminal
2. Type “sudo chmod -R 777[space]”
3. Drag .command to terminal and press Enter.
4. Double click the command to run.
for example. sudo chmod -R 777 /Users/admin/Desktop/Arturia\ Instruments/Arp\ 2600\ V3.command
NOTE : [space] means SPACE on your keyboard.

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