APFX Audio – Primo v1.1.4

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Overview of PRIMO: PRIMO is a unique audio tool inspired by a handcrafted boutique Italian amplifier. Unlike traditional circuit modeling and static tone shots, PRIMO takes a different approach. It views an analog tube amplifier as just the starting point, a foundation for creating a vibrant musical experience. This software utilizes artificial intelligence to craft two distinct channels:

  • CH1: Designed for clean and lush tones that push the boundaries of bursting.
  • CH2: Tailored for roaring crunch tones and scorching leads.

Key Features (Peculiarities) of PRIMO:

  1. COMPRESSOR: A simple, transparent yet musical compressor, ideal for enhancing dynamics and stability in your tone.

  2. OVERDRIVE: Transparent, versatile, and undemanding overdrive that can be used as a standalone drive on CH1 or as a boost on CH2.

  3. CAB IR: Allows you to save, recall, and cycle through your favorite Impulse Responses (IRs). Comes with 5 high-quality, studio-grade IRs from Choptones.

  4. DELAY: Choose from color and modulated analog delay or crisp and pristine digital delay, in mono or stereo. The sync feature automatically matches the delay tempo to your project’s pace.

  5. REVERB: Add depth and three-dimensionality to your tone with a versatile plate reverb. A single control makes it easy to find the perfect ambiance.

  6. NOISE GATE: A smart and musical built-in noise gate to eliminate unwanted noise. Adjust the threshold to keep your tracks clean and crisp.

  7. MASTER SECTION: Control input and output gains for managing signal levels before and after processing. High- and low-pass filters help eliminate unwanted frequencies.

  8. TUNER: An accurate, fast, and highly precise chromatic tuner that accommodates various instruments, including guitars and bass. It’s even compatible with dropped/open tunings and 7/8 string guitars.


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