AlyJamesLab – OB-XTRM 2 v2.0.1 VSTi3 x64

8 Voices of Legends
What happens if you take 8 monophonic synthesizers and use them together? Huge analog sound! This sound is the result of small imperfections between each voice card, and due to the (incorrect) behavior of some electronic components, parts of the original circuit (OB-X in particular) caused all sorts of distortion occurring at different stages from filter to VCA and also in the output stage OB-Xtreme paid particular attention to the latter, with an emphasis on “Growl”.
You can talk a lot about what V2 is, I can already say what it is not: a simple cross-platform update of V1. V2 is a complete redesign, while OB-Xtreme V1 was a simpler version of OB’s voice card architecture, V2 is more closely aligned with the original OB design and specifications (including OB-X, OB-Xa, etc. features). a direct replacement for the V1, however, it received a Legacy mode for envelope generators and filter controls, so V1 sounds can be played or created (more on that later).
V2 has higher specs in every part of the circuit, this is an upgrade gift for all V1 owners, V1 owners can upgrade for free or use the “give what you want” option.

Version 2.0 Features
Cross-platform 64-bit capability.
64-bit build using the latest OS and IDE (PC VisualStudio and Mac Xcode).
The updated GUI (GUI) also now uses high resolution graphics and DPI awareness.
Rewritten and improved sound engine.
An 8-voice polyphonic or monophonic unison with per-voice PAN control and global stereo expansion control can also be converted to true (one voice) mono or act as a polyphonic unison (8×8).
Added most of the OB-X/OB-Xa features (OSC, X-MOD, F-ENV, SYNC, etc. forms) on top of the new modulation routing.
Extended range of oscillators and filtering modes (2Pole/4Pole LowPass and 2Pole BandPass) based on OB 2pole SVF and CEM 3320 24Db, 4Pole can have additional loudness compensation.
Accurate SAW + PULSE OSC (can produce +1 octave harmonics depending on pulse width).
Resampling to x32.
POST and PRE OTA (CA3080 chip used for VCA, filter and output stage) with variable distortion (Xtreme factor) bypassed.
The voltage offset and voltage deflection of the x8 voice cards can now be easily controlled with seven macro controls, optional random spread and real-time deflection (per note).
Legacy modes for filter modulation and EG/VCA shapes to match V1 sounds and behavior if desired, default envelope/VCA behavior is a combination of CEM3310/CA3080 (linear VCA and exponential envelopes), while legacy mode can be used to faster sounds (using the Ultra exp VCA response).
LFO vibrato, original LFO + additional LFO 2, phase reverse mode for LFO 1 and 2 (maps 1,3,5,7) received reverse phase modulation, key tracking can also be inverted.
LFOs have a gate re-trigger option, SINE, RAMP, PULSE, SAW, TRI, S&H and Noise shapes, LFO2 can be synced to BPM or act as a single ramp (up or down) envelope.
The LFO can be configured to be single: one LFO on the main board for all voice cards, or multiple: one LFO per card.
Optional 6-bit OB-X resolution when scanning the Cutoff filter knob.
The sustain pedal can operate normally or use the controlled Envelope Release in OB mode (piano-like sustain).
(Mac) Introducing new signed and notarized Mac installers.
Basic built-in preset browser with main categories.
Changeable OB-X (light mode) or OB-Xa (dark mode) skins.

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