AIR Music Technology – AIR Delay Pro v1.0.0

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Delay plugin without compromise
Dual-engine, analog, digital, filters, distortion, limiter, chorus, LFO…
Auto Clear : means your delays last as long as you want… not a second longer.
Diffusion : Makes your delay look like a reverb by smearing the edges.
Envelope Follow: Generates a time delay effect… from subtle to insane.

Wide range of logically categorized presets.
Delay time up to four seconds.
Fully synced to BPM.
Three stereo modes for creating complex shifting and jumping delays, as well as width control.
Choice between characteristic digital and analog behavior.
Comprehensive feedback section including high and low pass filters, resonant filter with resonance and LFO, as well as distortion and limiter.
Automatic cleaning function.
Diffusion section with stereo switch and size control for creating subtle washes.
Modulation section with three different modes.
(Wobble, Stereo and Chorus) with slow and fast modulation controls for classic tape emulation effects and more.
Powerful envelope control with assignable timing, feedback and mix parameters.
Parametric EQ band.
Output section with high and low pass filtering, width, balance and mixing controls.

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