ADSR Sounds Drum Machine v1.3.1

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Free Download ADSR Sounds Drum Machine Full Version for Windows.

Overview of Drum Machine

ADSR Drum Machine is a workhorse for creating rhythms. The intuitive interface, featuring 16 pads above a panel with Browser, Sound & FX, Sequencer, and Mixer tabs, lets you build a kit and record a beat right out of the box. It has everything you need and expect from a modern drum plugin. Creative onboard processing is where the ADSR Drum Machine shines. 

Three-stage envelope, per-pad pitching, and per-pad multi-channel processing set a new standard for drum kit customization before and during play. ADSR includes the ability to separate each pad into a separate transition and body, allowing you to clean, calibrate, and improve samples while working on a rhythm. 

50+ packs with 800 unique patterns and royalty-free samples for 10 popular genres let you get started right away. Change your workflow for the better and experience how much easier it is to enter a track with a perfectly polished rhythm section compared to painfully working on drums in your DAW.

Features of Drum Machine

  • Interface with 16 pads and tab-based design
  • Drag-and-drop sample assignment
  • MIDI input customization
  • Visual tuner for pad pitch adjustment
  • 3-stage drum-specific envelopes
  • Sample splitting for transient and body processing
  • Customizable FX chains per split section
  • Extensive effects library (EQ, distortion, filters, etc.)
  • Sequencer with 16 patterns and randomization options
  • Polyrhythm and swing/shuffle controls
  • Mixer for final beat polishing
  • Includes numerous genre-specific kits, samples, and sequences

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Publisher: ADSR Sounds
  • Format: STANDALONE, VST3i plugin
  • Bit Depth: 64-bit
  • System Requirements: Windows 10 or later
  • Download Size: 141.9 MB

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