Acoustica Mixcraft 10 Recording Studio 10.1579


Overview of Mixcraft 10: Synchronized with the user, Mixcraft 10 is the latest version of an award-winning digital audio workstation designed by musicians for musicians, offered by Acoustica. Since its debut in 2004, Mixcraft has gained popularity for its unique blend of simplicity and extensive capabilities, attracting both enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Key Features of Mixcraft 10:

  • Users can record and mix an unlimited number of tracks.
  • Compatibility with third-party controllers, audio interfaces, and plugins.
  • Over 7.5 thousand expert loops, sound effects, and samples spanning various genres are accessible in the Mixcraft library.
  • A wide array of processing effects and virtual instruments are available, including ToneBoosters plug-ins, vintage synths, electronic pianos, rock organs, and sampled sounds.

Improvements in Mixcraft 10:

  • Enhanced user interface, offering more scalability, versatility, and intuitiveness.
  • The Pro version includes 36 processing effects and 16 instruments.
  • Vocoder tracks enable the creation of automated curves for tempo, pitch, and other parameters.
  • Each mixer track features a built-in parametric equalizer, oscilloscope, saturator, and compressor.
  • Updated versions of the piano roll, step editor, and music notation editors.
  • Integration of a video editing store with ongoing content updates.
  • Improved plugin architecture and management, with enhanced search functionality and a safe mode.
  • The ability to use LFOs for automating plugin parameters at the project tempo.
  • An updated welcome window with Rewire Support, offering news, video links, and update options.
  • Introduction of a new scripting API for autonomous implementation of MIDI controller support, personalized hotkeys, and track region handling (available in the Pro version only).
  • Advanced MIDI and audio recording and routing (exclusive to the Pro version).
  • Integration of Melodyne (Pro version only).
  • Audio-to-MIDI conversion (Pro version only).
  • Availability of a free app for iOS and Android for remote DAW operation.
  • Extensive user guide offered in multiple languages.

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