Aberrant DSP – Tectonic 1.0

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Tectonic is a multi-channel tone-shaping channel strip. Combining EQ, visualization and dynamics processing, Tectonic is a complete set of sonic tools for everything from subtle sweetening to complete tonal transformation.

4 bands of up/down compression
Band gain applies upward + downward compression
Band cut applies only downward compression
Gain from -12dB to 12dB per band
Selectable transition frequency between each set of adjacent bands
For each band Mute, Solo and bypass processing
Mid/side panning for each band, allowing you to independently narrow and widen the stereo sound of each frequency range
Master mix, input gain and output gain
Six styles to choose from to customize the feel and intensity of dynamic processing
Custom preset system with 65 factory presets illustrating Tectonic’s wide range of tone shaping capabilities.


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