A Samples – Khaliji – Drums of Arabia – Core + Emarati Expansion (KONTAKT)

KHALIJI Arabian drums
Introduce the sounds of Arabia into your music.
Built for Kontakt 5.6.0, our library contains 140 sampled drums, mostly from the Arabian Peninsula. For the first time ever, producers and composers can convey the essence of these instruments with such incredible depth and user-friendliness.
Frame drums of various sizes make up most of the instruments, including Zeer, Ranna, Kaser, Darabuka, Mesendo and many more. Various percussion instruments from other parts of the world are also included as manufacturers often combine an Arabic percussion ensemble with some percussion instruments from around the world to give their Khaliji music a modern flavor.
With Khaliji you will get the following:
– 140 instruments
– 10 multis
– 122 MIDI grooves
– 2.23 GB size uncompressed
– 48 kHz, 24 bit

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