IK Multimedia – AmpliTube v5.7.0

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Unlock Your Guitar Tone with IK Multimedia AmpliTube: The Ultimate Guitar Amp and Effects Modeling Software

As a guitarist, finding the perfect tone is a never-ending pursuit. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, the right guitar amp and effects can make all the difference in your sound. That’s where IK Multimedia AmpliTube comes in. AmpliTube is a leading software solution that brings the world of guitar amps and effects to your computer, offering a vast array of virtual gear that can transform your tone into a professional-quality sound. In this article, we’ll explore the features of IK Multimedia AmpliTube and how it can revolutionize your guitar playing and recording.

AmpliTube is a comprehensive guitar amp and effects modeling software that offers an extensive collection of virtual gear, including classic and modern amps, cabinets, stompboxes, rack effects, and more. It provides an all-in-one solution for guitarists to create, customize, and fine-tune their own unique guitar tones, without the need for expensive hardware or physical gear. With AmpliTube, you have the flexibility to experiment with different amp and effect combinations, adjust parameters, and sculpt your tone to perfection.

The software includes a wide range of iconic guitar amps and cabinets, modeled after popular brands like Fender, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, and more. It also offers a vast collection of stompbox effects, including distortions, delays, reverbs, modulation effects, and many others. This extensive collection of virtual gear allows you to create virtually any guitar tone you can imagine, from clean and crisp to heavy and distorted, and everything in between.

AmpliTube also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use in your music production workflow. The intuitive controls allow you to tweak amp settings, adjust effect parameters, and create complex signal chains with ease. The software also provides a realistic and responsive playing experience, with dynamic response, touch sensitivity, and articulation that mimics the behavior of real-world gear, making it feel like you’re playing through actual guitar amps and effects.

The software can be used in a variety of ways, from recording and mixing in your DAW to live performance and practicing with your computer or mobile device. AmpliTube offers standalone and plugin versions that are compatible with popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and more. It also provides convenient integration with IK Multimedia’s hardware products, such as the iRig interface, making it a seamless solution for recording and playing guitar on the go.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube is a powerful and versatile software solution for guitarists looking to elevate their tone to a professional level. With its extensive collection of virtual gear, intuitive interface, realistic playing experience, and versatile usage options, AmpliTube offers endless possibilities for creating unique and high-quality guitar tones. Whether you’re recording in the studio, performing live, or practicing at home, AmpliTube is a go-to tool for unlocking the full potential of your guitar playing.

Changes from version 5.6.0:
Enhanced TONEX compatibility
AmpliTube now allows sharing, uploading and downloading of presets containing TONEX tone models via ToneNET.
TONEX inside AmpliTube now supports the latest TONEX skins.
Addressed a CPU load issue that occurred at startup.
Fixed an issue that could cause a “not owned” error when loading cabinets from the “Other” category.
Fixed an issue with the Oil Can Delay model that caused undesired delay changes when altering the sample rate.
General reliability improvements.


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