Touch The Universe – Sonic Bliss – DUNE 3 SOUNDSET

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Free Download Sonic Bliss DUNE 3 SOUNDSET by Touch The Universe for Synapse Audio DUNE 3

Overview of Sonic Bliss Soundset for Dune 3:

The Sonic Bliss Soundset for Dune 3 is a collection of 211 presets for Dune 3 Synthesizer. 26 Wavetables made by Mark Holt in collaboration with other sound engineers. All presets are normalized for volume. (They are not clipped and have the same volume level when scanned between presets) Comprehensive modulation wheel assignment for all patches. Velocity sensitivity was also used in many patches when necessary.

Features of Sonic Bliss Soundset:

  • 211 presets for Dune 3, carefully normalized for consistent volume levels.
  • 26 wavetables created in collaboration with sound engineers, including Mark Holt.
  • Modulation wheel assignments for all patches, providing expressive control.
  • Velocity sensitivity employed in many patches when appropriate.
  • Categorized presets include Leads, Pads, Basses, Keys, Plucks, Arps, Bass Sequences, and Drums.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • The soundset is designed for use with DUNE 3 v3.6.0, the latest version of the synth.
  • Compatibility for both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Comprehensive instructions are provided in a detailed PDF file, offering step-by-step installation guidance with images.

Installation Process:

  1. Copy the Sonic Bliss Soundset Categorized folder to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Synapse Audio\DUNE 3\Soundbanks.
  2. Copy the Sonic Bliss Wavetables folder to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Synapse Audio\DUNE 3\Wavetables to keep them separate from shared wavetables. Alternatively, to avoid duplicates, you can copy the contents of the Sonic Bliss Wavetables folder to the shared Wavetables directory for DUNE 3.

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