Soundiron – Hopkin Instrumentarium: Metaltines

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Free Download Soundiron’s Hopkin Instrumentarium: Metaltines Kontakt Library for Kontakt.

Overview of Metaltines:

Metaltines is an impressively sophisticated range of metal lamellaphones created by master instrument inventor Bart Hopkins. Includes 4 unique instruments with completely unique shapes and mechanics, but with the same sharpness yet rich metal resonance that shimmers brightly through each one.

It includes K1 and K2 hammers, Sit or Play and T-Rod-on-Tine. We’ve included a wide range of game articulations, sound design textures, pads, drones, and multiple microphones/channels to give you complete musical freedom.

Features of Metaltines:

  • Mallet K1 and K2:
    • Mallet kalimbas featuring large, wide metal keys.
    • Mallet playing emphasizes overtones over fundamentals.
    • K1 produces a ringing mixture of overtones, while K2 delivers a satisfying bass.
    • Two microphone positions for both K1 and K2.
    • Direct line output from the pickup for K2.
  • Sit or Play:
    • Set of three benches, each housing a pair of round steel tongue drums in the seat.
    • Tabletops act as soundboards, enhancing the tone of the tongue drums.
    • Includes hard, soft, and metal mallets, as well as finger and hand articulations.
    • Two separate microphone positions.
  • T-Rod-On-Tine:
    • Consists of short lengths of hardened steel threaded rods attached to spring steel teeth.
    • Different vibration modes produce multiple frequencies and tones.
    • Various playing techniques with different types of hammers result in a wide range of sounds.
    • Two stereo microphone positions for faithful sampling.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

Metaltines offers expressively nuanced metal lamellaphones designed by Bart Hopkin. The technical details and system requirements include:

  • Sampled hand strikes on instrument bodies with two stereo microphone positions.
  • Custom effect presets and signature sound effects crafted from raw acoustic sources.
  • Compatible with a wide range of systems and setups.
  • Format: KONTAKT (6.1.1+)
  • Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

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