Sonuscore – The Orchestra Complete 3 (for Best Service) (KONTAKT)

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Sonuscore is back with a groundbreaking release that sets a new standard in orchestral composition. The ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 continues the legacy of its predecessors while introducing innovative features that redefine the art of orchestration. With invaluable feedback from users, this release includes a customizable sequence designer, enhanced free play mode, reimagined legato and staccato performances, and a complete re-recording of the woodwind section, adding depth and versatility to your compositions.


Unlocking Musical Boundaries: The ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 represents an evolution in the orchestral color palette. Building upon the success of previous expansions like STRINGS OF WINTER and HORNS OF HELL, this release focuses on enhancing the woodwinds section with new articulations and instruments.

Innovation in Composition: ORCHESTRA was a revolutionary concept when it first entered the market. While many virtual orchestras prioritized high-quality recordings, ORCHESTRA took a different path. It placed emphasis on user interaction, introducing a real-time orchestration engine that inspired composers in unique ways.

“THE ORCHESTRA was brand new at the time,” notes Tilman Cillescu, co-founder and creative director of Sonuscore. “It had the ability to create complete animated orchestral arrangements in a very short time just by playing simple chords. It was a creative goldmine and an incredible time saver for any composer.”

Key Features and Enhancements:

  1. Ensemble Engine: The heart of THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 is the Ensemble Engine, designed for a seamless and immersive orchestral experience. With a single chord, it effortlessly produces intricate arrangements, driven by an arpeggiator and envelope designer with individual note assignments for all engine presets.

  2. Free Play Mode: The update introduces an expanded free play mode, enabling users to assign chord tones to specific groups of instruments. Over 80 playable voices have been crafted for this purpose, simplifying the creation of beautiful orchestral tones.

  3. Sequence Designer: Recognizing the limitations of interconnected arpeggiators, Sonuscore developed the Sequence Designer. By selecting SEQ in the arpeggiator, users can define an exact sequence of notes for playback. This feature empowers composers to craft custom sequences and rhythms, offering greater control and musicality.

  4. Legato Reinvented: Dealing with articulations has always been a challenge for orchestral engines. THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 3 introduces Pure Performance Legato, a system that automatically detects the need for legato or staccato, enhancing realism and playability.

  5. Pure Legato Efficiency: The new Pure Performance Legato instrument simplifies fast legato and staccato play without the need for key switches. With over 400 transitions meticulously balanced for each instrument, the result is unparalleled legato playability.


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