Overloud – Gem Studio Plug-ins

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Overloud Gem Studio Plug-ins Free download for Windows PC. Overloud Gem studio plug-ins offer a complete set of mixing and mastering plugins, including Gem Comp76, Gem EQ495, Gem Tapedesk, Gem EQ84, and Gem Dopamine. 

Overview of Overloud Gem Studio Plug-ins:

These plugins provide authentic emulations of vintage equalizers, tape recorders, and mixing consoles. The package also includes a legendary dynamics processor enriched with additional parameters and functions, preset sequential control, A/B comparison, and undo/redo support.

Features of Individual Gem Plug-ins:

  1. Gem EQP: This plugin offers the most realistic and accurate emulation of three iconic passive EQs in one. It expands the capabilities of the original tone by adding features not available on analog devices.

  2. Gem EQ550: Modeled after the famous American equalizer, it has a proportional Q design, producing a smoother tone at low gain settings and becoming more aggressive as the gain bandwidth increases.

  3. Gem Sculptube: Designed to add tube harmonics to sounds, creating authentic tube coloration from warm tones to heavy distortion.

  4. Gem VOICE: A plugin designed for vocal processing, offering a comprehensive analogue processor-based vocal production workflow.

  5. Gem ECHOSON: Recreation of the legendary Italian magnetic drum delay device, known for defining the sound of Pink Floyd in the ’70s.

  6. Gem MODULA: Includes three iconic modulation modules in one plugin, expanding the capabilities of the original tone with additional features.

  7. GemComp670: A recreation of a very rare legendary tube compressor, known for its warm tone.

  8. Gem OTD-2: A unique analog processor providing modulating touch delay and audio expansion effects with custom delay patterns.

  9. Gem Comp LA: A simulation of two legendary optical compressors in one plugin, offering different tonal characteristics.

  10. Gem Comp G: An imitation of the legendary VCA Master Bus compressor.

  11. Gem TAPEDESK: Combines tape recorder and multiple console models into one plugin to reproduce warm analog mixing workflow.

  12. Gem DOPAMINE: An emulation of two classic tape encoding processors used as amplifiers, enhancing tracks while maintaining their natural tone.


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