Native Instruments – Play Series FEEL IT (KONTAKT)

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FEEL IT is a drum plugin music production software.

Native Instruments is a renowned music software company that has been delivering cutting-edge tools to music producers and sound designers for years. The Play Series is one of their most popular product lines, and the latest addition to the series is the FEEL IT instrument, which offers a unique approach to creating organic and expressive drum grooves.

FEEL IT is a software instrument that’s designed to capture the essence of human drumming, with all its nuances, imperfections, and groove. The instrument uses a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes the user’s playing and generates natural-sounding drum patterns in real-time, based on the user’s input.

FEEL IT’s intuitive and responsive interface allows users to easily create and modify drum grooves with a few simple controls. The instrument includes a range of drum kits and sounds, from classic acoustic drums to electronic and hybrid kits, as well as a variety of percussion and sound effects.

The instrument can be easily mapped to the hardware, allowing for a seamless and tactile playing experience. The instrument is also fully compatible with other DAWs and MIDI controllers, making it a versatile tool for music production.

Native Instruments’ Play Series FEEL IT is a unique and innovative software instrument that offers a new approach to drum programming. Its intuitive interface, natural-sounding drum patterns, and seamless integration with hardware and software make it a valuable tool for music producers and sound designers alike. By incorporating high-volume keywords strategically in the article, it can help attract more users to the product and rank higher on Google search results.


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