Native Instruments – Play Series: BAZZAZIAN TAPES

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Unearthing the Bazyazya Tape Recorder: A Legendary Tale

Among the many legends surrounding Bazyazya, the story of the Bazyaskin tape recorder stands out as one of the most intriguing and pivotal moments in his life.

Hidden away in the attic of his father’s dacha, Baziaz stumbled upon a mysterious object – a heavy and perplexing contraption. Bazyazya’s insatiable curiosity always drew him to anything that seemed incomprehensible, but this discovery was on a whole new level. With determination, he decided to unravel the mystery right there in the attic.

Bazyazya, sharp-minded as ever, quickly deduced that this device must be designed to spin reels of film, and conveniently, there were three bags of film reels nearby. The attic had a steady supply of electricity, and as fate would have it, Bazyazya always carried a pair of headphones with him – a habit he couldn’t quite explain. Little did he know how handy they would become.

So, Bazyazya spent an entire day in the attic, lost in the world of sounds recorded by his father, or perhaps his grandfather, who was known to be quite the character. The task was clear – extract these captivating sounds. Bazyazya recalled his grandfather’s sampler, resting peacefully in the garage, previously used by his dad for hammering nails. What a brilliant idea!

Repurposing his dad’s sampler as a sound extraction tool, Bazyazya meticulously sampled his grandfather’s attic-recorded sounds. And with that, he embarked on a journey that would eventually make him a renowned sound producer. Not just any sound producer, but a well-known figure in the southeastern region of the Hamburg area.

Uncover the Sonic Mysteries:

Delve into the world of Bazyazya Tapes, a collection infused with tape-infused textures and sought-after sounds. These sounds are from the personal vault of an iconic German hip-hop producer who dared to push boundaries.

Key Highlights:

  • Explore a rich variety of synths, keys, acoustic instruments, and more, each imbued with the unmistakable character of vintage hardware.
  • Access 150 tweakable presets carefully crafted by Bazzazian himself.
  • Part of the Play Series, offering hard-hitting presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface.
  • Vintage sounds for cutting-edge productions that bridge the past and the future.

Revive the Past, Shape the Future:

Bazzazian Tapes takes you on a journey through the archives of one of Germany’s most pioneering hip-hop producers. The collection is teeming with character and curiosity, offering a diverse range of melodic instruments. Each instrument has been meticulously run through high-end rack gear, vintage tape machines, and boutique pedals, resulting in a sonic experience that blends the retro with the modern


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