Native Instruments – Analog Dreams v2.1.1 (KONTAKT)

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Note: Requires Kontakt 7 v7.6.0

The latest update introduces a refreshed version of Analog Dreams, combining the essence of classic synthesizers with a modern touch. While the exact details of this update may remain somewhat mysterious, it’s plausible that it primarily facilitates compatibility with the new Kontakt version. Let’s delve into the specifics and uncover any concealed enhancements.

Key Highlights of the Update:

  • Analog Dreams.nki: This component remains unchanged and continues to require Kontakt version 6.2.1.

  • Analog Dreams 2.0.nki: With this update, it now demands Kontakt version 7.6.0. If you wish to compare, you have the option to retain the previous version of Analog Dreams 2.0.nki by simply renaming it. Rest assured that all your custom .nki files will seamlessly retain their functionality without necessitating a Kontakt update. If you happen to discern any significant distinctions, please don’t hesitate to share your observations in the dedicated forum topic.

Analog Dreams Unveiled:

Rediscover the Essence of Vintage Synthesizers

Analog Dreams transports you to the golden era of synthesis, harnessing the iconic sounds of vintage synthesizers from the 70s, 80s, and beyond. By expertly blending and creatively processing mixed samples, Analog Dreams delivers unique and captivating results.

Streamlined Interface with Ready-Made Presets:

Unlock the sonic treasures of Analog Dreams through its user-friendly interface, featuring a curated selection of ready-made presets. These presets are designed to provide instant inspiration, allowing you to dive into your musical journey without delay.

Part of the Play Series:

Analog Dreams is part of the esteemed Play series, renowned for its exceptional presets and real-time control options within an intuitive interface. This series empowers you with a wealth of sonic possibilities, all easily accessible at your fingertips.


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