MOTU – Digital Performer 11.21 x64

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Digital Performer brings the complete studio production experience to your desktop. Record, edit, mix, process and master polished recordings. Combine external gear—synthesizers, controllers, microphones, instruments, compressors—with virtual instruments, loops, soundtracks, and MIDI tracks—all together in a seamless, intuitive production environment. Work on your music with features like a drum editor and QuickScribe notation, then switch to creative production methods with inspiring plugins like DP’s Subkick, Ensemble Chorus and guitar effects plugins. Import loops, run virtual instruments and third-party plugins: Digital Performer is the ultimate host. Then polish your recording to perfection with Digital Performer’s extensive editing, mixing, processing and mastering tools. No matter how you approach your music and audio production, DP’s customizable user interface enhances your personal workflow.
MIDI, Audio, and Virtual Instruments
Digital Performer perfectly integrates the worlds of MIDI sequencing, multitrack audio recording, virtual instruments, loops, and sound libraries. Work with all forms at the same time, using dedicated editors for each form, as well as common editing, mixing and processing functions that work in a familiar way.
Merged Window
The Merged Window Digital Performer optimizes your workspace. Quick access to key features such as the Sequence Editor, Mixing Console and Waveform Editor using the tabs at the top of the window. Split the window vertically to view important information side by side. Add sidebars for frequently used lists and dashboards. Create and save multiple custom layouts. Factory presets are provided for tracking, editing, mixing and other steps in your workflow.
What color are your level indicators? This may sound like a personal question, but the truth is that the color of the level indicator can often be the subject of heated debate. In DP, you can choose any color that matches your favorite theme perfectly. You can even create a two or three color gradient.
The Control Panel provides important information in a compact strip at the top of your computer screen. Position it independently or place it in a consolidated window. Customize it however you want with extensive preferences. Digital Performer gives you complete control over this essential component of your creative experience.
Extensive Customization Options
In addition to a highly customizable merged window, dozens of DP themes, and other customization features already mentioned, Digital Performer provides ample customization options for your workspace and how it responds to you. After all, a creative workspace is a very personal thing. And the time we spend there is precious, so you deserve every opportunity to get the most out of it.
Unlimited Tracks, Unlimited Everything
When you’re working fast, it’s nice to know you’ll never hit the Wall. In Digital Performer, create as many tracks as you want. Add as many sequences as you need. Recording multiple takes? Make as many passes as needed. Digital Performer has been designed to accommodate an open workflow where ideas can run wild and the limits if you need them are entirely up to you.

System requirements
Windows 10 (64-bit only)
Intel Core i3 or faster (including AMD equivalent)
Multiple processors or a multi-core processor is required
4GB minimum
8GB or more (recommended)
Computer screen resolution
1024 x 768 required
1280 x 1024 or higher (recommended)
Supported Windows audio hardware
: Any Windows 10 Audio or ASIO compatible hardware, any Windows 10 MIDI compatible hardware

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