[IO Music Academy] Making Melodies with Josh Wen

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Having trouble writing melodies? You’re not alone! In this 5-day music theory course, we’ll break down the melodies you love and give you the tools you need to write your own. More than that, our resident music theorist Josh Wen will also walk you through composing killer chord progressions and building better basslines. We recommend students enrolling in this course have at least a basic understanding of scales and chords.

Lesson 1 – Melodic Shape (01:04:31)
Lesson 2 – Melody, Harmony, & Rhythm (01:02:13)
Lesson 3 – Exploring Your Sound (01:10:22)
Lesson 4 – Building Bass (01:12:46)
Lesson 5 – 7th Chords and Beyond (01:32:44)

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