[IO Music Academy / Josh Wen] Creative Chords with Josh Wen

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Stuck in root position? Are your progressions problematic? Spice up your songwriting with IO’s resident music theorist, Josh Wen, as he teaches you how to build better chords and compose powerful progressions. Go beyond the major scale and triads and learn how to incorporate extensions, substitutions, resolution, and more into your productions. Basic knowledge of scales, intervals, and triads is recommended (we recommend Josh’s previous course “Music Theory for Producers” which is available for purchase on our site).
Josh Wen
Josh is a gigging keys and sax musician in Los Angeles. He has produced music for Output Arcade and the artist Omoghéné. He has taught band, piano, and is an AP certified music theory instructor.

Lesson 1 – Resolving Chords (01:23:03)
Lesson 2 – Chord Functions (01:27:06)
Lesson 3 – hord Flow and Substitutions pt. 1 (01:30:26)
Lesson 4 – Extensions and Substitutions pt. 2 (01:34:34)
Lesson 5 – Modes, Reharmonization, and Substitutions pt. 3 (01:37:22)

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