F-AudioLabs – Plugins Collection

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F-Audiolabs is a new line of plug-ins that amaze sound:
We have developed our plugins with the help of some of the most influential musicians, producers, composers, audio engineers and developers around the world to create something powerful and useful.

Plugins included
BigFlex : Inspired and developed for The Caesars, F-AudioLabs BigFlex is an amazing 2-band EQ based frequency saturator.
HAILSTONE : We have teamed up with Giacomo Pasquali to create a new experience in the world of IR downloaders. After months of hard work, research and experimentation, we are finally ready to present you HAILSTONE, the first IR downloader designed for guitarists from head to toe.
NicoTheOwl: Inspired and developed for Nicolas Pharmacalidis, the F-AudioLabs NicoTheOwl is a one-of-a-kind “hybrid” Tube/SolidState EQ-Preamp.
TAF Marco Sfogli: This is a modern plug-in developed by F-AudioLabs in collaboration with one of the best guitarists in the world. This is a very powerful plugin with a classic silky chorus and a double/double delay section with all the necessary controls to create beautiful soundscapes. Based on the sound and style produced by Marco Sfogli, TAF not only includes a chorus and two delays that can be used individually or in dual mode, but also features a unique style mode called Tri-Pan.
Tremelon Rack : The TREMELON Rack is a Classic Tremolo plug-in based on the original Tremelon pedal made by F-Pedals. Like the original pedal, the plug-in version features two independent tremolo motors that can operate simultaneously.

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