Boom Library – Magic Wisp (Construction Kit – Designed)

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Overview of MAGIC – WISP:

An all-new magical sound experience – this enchanting audio collection fills the gap left by our previous magical sound libraries, brimming with more subtle, complex ones and nuanced movements of both friendly and dark magic.

Crafted from a predominantly organic sound base. MAGIC – WISP is your gateway to a whimsical world of magical sound and – with more than 15GB of excellent sounds – leaves no sound designer’s wish unfulfilled. 

Unveil top-range, spellbinding audio in your supportive and charming magic scenes, craft unique magic character sound themes and even experiment in other fantasy or sci-fi genres.

Features of MAGIC – WISP:

  • Crafted from a predominantly organic sound base for a truly authentic experience.
  • Over 15GB of magical sounds to spark your creativity and elevate your audio projects.
  • Enchanting subtlety: Explore light, neutral, and dark magic movements to add depth to your scenes.
  • Organic authenticity: Minimal processing of recordings for a spell-binding, natural feel.
  • Deconstructed magic: A unique audio library highlighting the most subtle and intricate magic spells.
  • Construction Kit: With 13GB of organic-based magic sounds, shape and customize audio creations to your liking.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Over 600 different sound files, including textures, movements, impacts, whooshes, bursts, zaps, winds, voices, percussion, and more.
  • Command the Aether: Bring your magic scenes to life with the extensive magic construction kit.
  • Playful creation: MAGIC – WISP stands out with non-standard magic sounds, crafted through the joy of play.
  • Bridging the gap: Perfectly complements other magic libraries, adding a unique touch to your sound design.
  • Compatible software: Comes as WAV files, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio software.
  • Rich metadata embedded: Quick and easy workflow with extensive file descriptions and keywords.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Publisher: Boom Library
  • Format: WAV
  • Quality: 24-bit 96 kHz stereo
  • Size: 14.34 GB

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