ADSR Sounds – MiDiGrid v1.0.0

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MIDIGRiD is a generative MIDI sequencer with an intuitive workflow and powerful generative controls.
Your creative input is the key to unlocking limitless compositional potential.

MIDIGRiD works with any synthesizer that accepts MIDI :
MIDIGRiD can work with any DAW and with any synthesizer that accepts MIDI input. Deceptively fun to use, MIDIGRiD is a creative force capable of generating complex, creative and dynamic melodic patterns that evolve in real time.

Limitless Creativity :
MIDIGRiD creates evolving MIDI patterns using semi-random routing and a simple, fun and interactive 8×8 grid layout. Getting started is as simple as choosing a key and tempo and placing a few blocks on the grid. Here’s how it works…

Redirected Blocks :
Unlike straight blocks, redirected blocks do not move or trigger notes, instead they stay in place and change the direction of any straight blocks that collide with them. Redirected blocks enhance the element of randomness, giving your patterns dimension and movement.

Notes/Chords :
When a straight block hits the edge of the grid, a note is fired. To the right and above the grid are controls that allow you to select which note or chord will be triggered. Notes and chords are displayed according to the selected scale.

MIDI Parameters :
To the left of the grid are knobs for clef and scale, sequencer speed, generated note length, and speed. When changing key and scale, the changes made will be harmonically informed – you will always go to a key or scale harmonically adjacent to the one you just left.

Straight blocks :
There are four straight blocks Up, Down, Left and Right. Click on the squares to assign them to the grid, then watch them move, interact, and trigger MIDI notes. Block interaction is the key to spontaneous and evolving melodic patterns.

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